Hоllywоod Moсkеd Тrump Аll Osсar Night, Тrump Gеts Lаst Lаugh Whеn Hе Sеes Rаtings Todаy

Hollywood went all in to bash President Trump and just about everyone on the conservative side of the aisle last night at the Oscars. Kobe Bryant even went after Laura Ingraham?

But it was Jimmy Kimmel who turned the Oscars into a debacle from the start by getting scandalous early in the telecast.

He basically called the President of the United States a racist on national television and then went after Mike Pence in a truly disgusting manner.

Kimmel said of Pence, “We don’t make films like ‘Call Me By Your Name’ for money. We make them to upset Mike Pence.” The movie depicts the relationship between two men, one younger.

All I can say is wow. But as with most things, it is President Trump who gets the last laugh.

Remember, Hollywood only really cares about one thing when it really comes down to it – ratings.

They are slaves to their images and they keep score with ratings.

Trump does it too – he is always talking about ratings, but Trump is honest and admits it.

They hypocrites out in Hollywood are not and middle America repaid them in kind.

We gave them the ultimate humiliation – for actors that is – we turned the channel.

Didn’t watch. America sensing a debacle, ignored the whole night.