КILL SНОT: Aftеr Pаul Ryаn Bеtrаyed Тrump, Lоu Dobbѕ Eхposеd Нim aѕ Thе “Swаmp Crеaturе” Hе Тruly iѕ

Speaker Paul Ryan publicly attacked President Trump’s plans on trade yesterday, saying it would wreck the economy and start a “trade war.”

Lou Dobbs responded by exposing Ryan as a “swamp creature,” and reveals how he has been bought by business lobbyists.

Dobbs pointed out how “all the usual swamp creatures” like the Chamber of Commerce and Business Lobbyists are “howling and snarling” about Pres. Trump’s plan to stop letting other countries rip us off in trade deals.

Then, Dobbs targeted Speaker Ryan Specifically with these brutal comments:

“The business roundtable and the chamber of commerce are particularly upset because well, they’ve bought and owned leaders of both political parties for decades, but they can’t buy President Trump…

One of the business establishment’s most expensive purchases is of course, Speaker Paul Ryan, who once again is attacking President Trump and these tariffs, helping as best he can in the efforts to frustrate the President and the will of the American people.

Speaker Ryan is quite simply bought and paid for, so his motivation is clear. Unlike his concious.”

Do you agree that Speaker Ryan is part of the swamp and works against Pres. Trump? Tell us below.

President Trump also shot back at criticisms of his trade plans.

“No we’re not backing down. We lost 800 billion dollars a year on trade. Not gonna happen. We gotta get it back,” Trump said.

He continued, “People have to understand. Our country, on trade, has been ripped off by virtually every country in the world, whether it’s friend or enemy.”